Power Feeders

How Virtual Reality can be a unique advantage for training operators in electric Live- Line maintenance and Live power feeders?

Electricity distribution is done by power lines. The reliable operation of the electricity distribution depends on adequate and prompt inspection and maintenance of power lines and feeders, these are risky activities that currently performed by power line operators.

Training of those power line operators is an important problem faced by distribution power systems updating knowledge and skills. For safety reasons it is not recommend to train operators in these dangerous environments often. Since Live-line maintenance deals with the maintenance of an energized line without any interruption to the power line.

For quite a long time, companies are using traditional training to their operators which involves considerable risk by involving fresh operators in live line training where any casual actions can lead to high-risk scenarios.

Overcome this scenario AATRAL comes with a Virtual Reality Training System (VRTS) for training of operators in the maintenance of Live-lines in a distribution system with Visual and audio guidance that makes it easier to achieve two main goals — understanding and remembering, friendly first- time user experience.

Here are three main reasons why                                                               

1.Immersive learning

To improve the learning experience of operators by visualising virtually realistic live-line and feeders. Virtual First-hand experience can reduce the dependence on having continuous monitoring by Trainer, while giving them a complete step by step guidance for each stage.

2.Cost Effective

implementing this fundamentally decreases the expense of traditional training cost.

3.Safety for operators

In Traditional live line training, they need equipment for climbing or they need to work on feeders without any interruption to power line. Most often, the operators climbing the structure through of its ladders or ropes is not safe in early training stages. In VR operator training in which Live –lines set up, power feeders and other components involved in the virtual live-line work environment are modelled as 3D shapes to give them a more realistic appearance.

How is AATRAL involving VR for Operators Live-line and live feeders training?

1.Work with HV Substation operators about the feeder protection relay devices, their purpose and how to run them and digitalize the key aspects of

2.By supplying digitalized environment layout and industry specific equipment’s.

3.Each feeder is provided with pop up inboards with necessary parameters and

4.Disassembly mode gives details on the inner parts of the equipment’s giving them more clarity on each part and its