About the Founder

Prem Anand Balachandran

What following my passion taught me?
It has been thirteen years since my career started in this Technology driven world. It has been an exciting journey so far and today am happy to start doing another activity creative writing freedom to my brain. So, for the first blog I have decided that I need to start at the core – “The Passion”.

I have been asked many times, by my family, my business partners, mentors the answer has been same through and through, it is my passion to create something that pleases others. In school, it was to write comics and do animations, in college it was to write stories for novels, during my earlier working time it was to find out ways to express data better.

On Jan 2015 when Alex Kipman launched Microsoft HoloLens, it blew my mind and pulled me towards digital worlds where we can see data in the right way everywhere and the world will change to our command, yes it was my thought when I first saw it and we are slowly moving towards that place in metaverse and whatever digital space terms that we call in. If Data is the new oil, it needs to be seen better. My passion had struck gold at last. So, take this as the first lesson of passion, following passion does not mean to stick at one way of doing it, be flexible on what you choose to do, and your passion will drive you through once you find it.

Once I decided that I found a path where passion drives you to work for it, I decided to learn more made use of YouTube and Bing better, yes, I depend on Bing more than Google. Once you find the path, I started speaking about it with others, getting excited about each announcements that followed. I would pull my colleagues to look at videos about the technology. I started to look out for opportunities to learn more and my restlessness got attention of my management via my team mates, that I can bring the third dimension to our application and I got the first internal project to convert a part of application into a 3D interface. My second lesson in following passion, do not keep it a secret when it is worth sharing.

Yes, the lesson applies for anything that you feel is useful for not just yourself. What began after that has been a journey that took me beyond what I was then. Yes, when you start focusing on what you plan to achieve things seem to fall in place quickly, and you start enjoying every bit of that success. We start feeling that this is what I have been waiting for all this while, then things start to dawn on you, I said I struck gold, but to prove to the world there is more to come was tougher. I started to look at things under my control and started to think what was ahead and when things were moving away from my passion, I felt drained out. At that moment in 2018 I decided that I need to quit and focus on building myself up, it was a leap of faith, with the support of my wife and family. My third lesson in following passion, staying in comfort zone is not what you call as ‘following my passion.’

Yes, I could have stayed back and continued to work on my passion, but it did not sit well with me. There was a disconnection, which I felt was wrong on my part to my company which had supported me for the last 9 years of my career. Once decided, I went in search of my voice, as being an introvert person, it would be a major hurdle for what I planned next. This change brought me my first project, the cost even though small was a major boost to my confidence. I spent hours trying to find ways to do it and found out being a lone wolf would not be enough even if it was a small project. Yes, the passion taught me lot during this stage, my fourth valuable lesson is not think of problems as an hurdle, there is way around it or over it. Learning is a never ending journey

I have been doing lot of things, learned more than I did in the last 4 years. New obstacles come, new comfort zones come, insecurity creeps in, new rules and opportunities come in. I remember this mantra, stay true to my passion, have been flexible in my approach, share as much as possible, keep moving out of comfort zones and take each hurdle in the journey to create a benchmark solution for employee training using Virtual reality and also a day to day guide on everyone journey to be an expert in their work.

Your passion, your way