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Being a hub of Multi Domains i.e. AR(Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality), and MR(Mixed Reality) Aatral (incubated with CITIC Group) provides a world of possibilities where technology meets imagination. By following our extensive expertise and with the help of 48+ in-house experts, we deliver customized solutions for our customers in creating digital transformation journeys. To be among the world’s leading client-focused AR, Virtual Reality, and MR companies, we design and develop innovative, creative, and interactive solutions for businesses in the industrial and educational sectors.

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Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Mixed Reality

Areas of Expertise


XR-created personalised automobile experiences will help users sift into a world of surprises.


On-field digital experiences, when combined with aggressive training processes create better equipped army.


Use visual and auditory data to create immersive production experiences to create new visions every day.


Elevate the mind to fly high as XR-based trainings empower pilots and technical staff the capacity to perform with 10X productivity.


In a highly risky environment, XR Provides and ideal tool to enable teams to train and make the right decisions to fuel growth and productivity for your organization.


Create digital designs that use AR & VR to create unique results for your Civil projects and clients respectively.


Sell faster along with fostering stronger brand experiences in the customers’ minds.


Enchant the audience with experiences that align with individual needs, magically.

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Customer Journey

Story Board and UX

Storyboard design with UX Concept development

Input Gathering

On Premise client location visit

1. Photos Captures

2.Video Captures

3.Scanned Outputs

4.SOP Documents

5.Work Elements Sheets

3D Design

3D Models development and environment creation

Functionality Development

1.Validations Checkpoints Development

2.Audio and Visual cues design

3.Flow sequence definition

4.Report Generation

5.Integration with LMS

Quality Check

Quality Check by inhouse QA Team and Bug Fixes

Client UAT

Client UAT Release with UAT Bug Fixes

Final Release

Final Deployment at Client Location

Case Studies

Crane Simulator
EOT crane, also known as an Electric Overhead Traveling crane, is the most common type of overhead crane used in many factories, warehouses, material yards, etc.
Aatral’s VR training deployment in a leading automobile Industry
Aatral has deployed a VR training solution in one of the leading automobile industries in the manufacturing plant.

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