Product and Modules

Industrial Process Operations Training

Since there are inherent complexities and dangers associated with process facilities, companies must ensure that employees have the knowledge to carry out their operations safety and efficiently. This can be ensured with repeated training processes to equip the employee with sufficient knowledge.

In the current scenario, trainings are mostly imparted through training videos, live demonstrations and/or training in dedicated training setups.

Through Aatral’s VR platform, create an entire virtual world of your operations line. Using this product, employees induction training for an operation can be imparted using virtual reality. This has several benefits including better retention rate, better employee engagement along with reduced cost and time.

Some of these use cases include assembly line operations and equipment usage training such as the EOT crane.

Fire Safety And Evacuation Procedures

Workplace fire training accidents are common in industries and several sectors such as construction, manufacturing, defense, and energy; sometimes, they can be fatal. AR/ VR training can help the employees understand the concept in a 3D environment, preferably realistic manner. We develop highly realistic fire scenario simulations to make the trainees experience the real fire–like situations in the virtual world.

By taking our fire safety training course, employees can learn to tackle the unsafe fire environment in the virtual world. Employees are educated on how to use fire extinguishers in different situations, and they are familiarized with the hazards involved with incipient stage firefighting.

Trainees get hands-on knowledge of:

  • Witnessing a fire
  • Hauling a fire alarm
  • Using a fire extinguisher
  • Removing the pin
  • Pressing the trigger
  • Using the PASS system
  • Maintaining distance from the area where fire has occurred
  • Being trained in when to move away from it
  • Checking pressure gauges
  • Refining their practices and retrying for better results
Safety training – Work at height

Work at height includes working on a ladder, sloped or flat rood, near an edge, or on different flooring. You are considered to be working at height when:

  • You're above ground level
  • Working on an edge
  • Working on a fragile platform

A fall is the only difference between life and death. This is where we enter. We know the stakes are high, and you want to keep your people safe. Hence, we aim to keep your workers safe by:

  • Training workers use the tools and equipment securely
  • Offering the right fall protection tools
  • Plan to perform the job effectively

Our Work at Height Training Program includes learning and hands-on practice in:

  • Work environment hazards
  • Scaffold navigation
  • Lift and ladders
  • Connectors and Anchors
  • Harness and Lanyard assessment
  • PPE

Our training program ensures those who work at height know about the hazards they may face and how they can perform their tasks safely. Our fall protection equipment training aims to bring every worker at height home safely, reducing the hazards that can lead to personal damage, equipment damage, and complete loss.

Safety training – Construction safety

The construction industry is quite a notorious workplace. However, companies are trying their best to lower their onsite fatality numbers. We offer virtual reality applications for construction safety training. Our training includes an interactive, 3D risk-free environment to train employees. It helps them learn how to use construction tools and equipment and follow safety norms.

Our virtual reality simulation training wipes out the risk of damaging equipment and injuries. Our training simulations, 3D models, and VR walkthroughs help make the construction safety training simpler, engaging and interactive.

Our training includes teaching the significance of PPE (hard hats, boots, glasses) and educating workers to gear up to meet the safety regulations below working on a real construction site. Our training course will reduce costs, increase safety and enhance critical business processes.

Industrial metaverse solutions

Recreate your industry using Aatral’s metaverse solutions. Our decentralized VR space gives you all the benefits of a 3D environment, without having to invest in one.

Stay productive with Aatral's public, private, or hybrid metaverse for your training needs or experience.

Discover potential problems before they happen so you can make smarter decisions faster

  • Imagine a 3D model of your company, where you can understand every single detail.
  • Organize files, make changes, and interact with the model in real time.
  • Visualize your digital twin, allowing you to see every aspect of your project from different angles and perspectives
ARCHRACK - Architectural visualization

It is often seen that architects and real estate developers look forward to VR for presentations and marketing. VR can demonstrate a project at any stage, pre-construction, renovation, upgrade, and more.

Architects train through VR to draw, design and troubleshoot in an immersive environment scaled by real-time responsive engineering information.

Thanks to AR, architects can see what their plan will appear in reality. It helps with better decision-making by offering training on detailed inspection and product monitoring, workplace safety, and architect-client interaction.

ArchRack efficiency is enhanced using VR training, making it possible to present a clearer picture of what is needed. As real estate projects are costly, VR helps cut down unnecessary expenses to a great extent.

Features of the product are

  1. 3D visualizations
  2. Real life interactions
  3. Customizations
  4. 1:1 design dimension
AR User Manual

AR user manual is a new Augmented Reality app that helps you to visualize instructions on-screen while you're working on an object. You can simply point your phone at the object and instructions will show up on the screen. Have a hard time reading small text on a part that's too high or unreadable by your eyes? Problem solved! With AR user manual, it's easy to get help with any instruction with just one tap.

Contact us to customize your product

Construction planning – BIM visualizations

BIM Visualization in Virtual reality is a new way of teaching architects and engineers on different section in a construction. Through immersive training, the retention of knowledge is much greater and enables a quicker learning time for the new joiners. This app is designed for the growing use of BIM technology in construction projects

3D Interior planner

Wish to customize interiors before making decisions? Make use of our interior planner to plan and customize different colors and textures for your interiors. Move around the objects to visualize you imaginations in the virtual environment.

Architecture and Planning

The AR/VR architecture walkthrough includes an animated walkthrough of houses, industrial spaces, construction sites, offices, etc. 3D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gives users a mesmerizing look and a complete walkthrough of your architecture.

It is more profitable for real estate and architecture companies because VR services help convert potential customers through virtual tours visualizing construction options.

It is a perfect opportunity for companies to showcase their sophisticated infrastructure and specialized services. A VR walkthrough offers tons of potential for architects to create beautiful designs that highlight dimension and detail to keep the audiences engaged and exciting. It boosts the sensation of immersion and provides a real-life experience for customers to make better buying decisions.

Some of the use cases in this sector include –

  • 360 visualizations
  • Construction visualization
  • Decision making on planned structures
  • Miniature visualizations using AR
Military and Defence

Application of the VR technology in the military paradigm is to make trainees and officers better at using equipment, navigating a mode of transport, gaining experience of potential combat situations, medical training and many more use cases.

One of the key advantages of the VR training is that it allows the users to train in a safe world. This feature make it apt for the military and defence sector as it helps them gain experience of dealing with unforeseen circumstances and how they react in such situations.Some of the use cases in this sector include.Flight simulation

  • Maintenance repair
  • Troubleshooting guidance
  • Medical training and many more.

Some of the innovations in the retail and ecommerce chain which will bring a considerable change in our lifestyle include

  • Virtual product experience
  • Virtual try ons
  • Virtuals showrooms
  • Navigation inside store
  • Layout

Data would be the major lever in kicking off XR in retail. Combined with machine learning and data analytics, is has the capability to infuse real time data induced experiences.


Whether it is an Instagram filter or a virtual walkthrough in an imaginary space or a game, the uses of XR are vast as an entertainment factor and they are creating a huge impact in our lives.

Recreating history and bringing all past characters to life is yet another paradigm which has been gaining popularity among all the age groups.

The very fact that users can exit the physical world and enter a virtual world through the metaverse is truly an entertaining factor. This combined with interactions and demonstrations in the virtual world opens a plethora of opportunities to present to the consumer.

DOST (Digital Omnipresent Skilled Troubleshooter) – AR smart assistance

Employers consistently need their workforce to learn new abilities, upskill themselves and perform compliance training, but it is not possible in the current environment. VR works as an effective solution to teach hard skills such as flight simulators used for pilots and soft skills such as leadership and resilience.

Aatral's Digital and Offline Skills Training with VR helps train employees up to four times faster. The training makes them more confident in applying what they are taught and boosts their confidence level. The high-scale cost-efficiency and human-centered approach of VR learning make it a must for all companies to include it in their learning curriculum.

It allows learners to practice skills that will be helpful in diverse perspectives in the real world.